on Metal
Scrawler on Metal


In order to give maximum performances for Scrawler based applications with minimum costs, Corpusvision designed a cloud-based hosting service specifically for this ecosystem called Scrawler on Metal. Scrawler on Metal is designed to give maximum performance using an event-based PHP loop, which is not readily available in another shared Host environment. Scrawler on Metal supports event base loop, Automatic scrawler updates, and much more.


  • Scrawler php runs faster on Scrawler metal than any other traditional environment.
  • It Optimized to get maximum performance out of scrawler PHP.
  • Services like database, caching, logging etc are on scrawler metal is tightly coupled with scrawler PHP.

Enterprise Support

  • Get your own cloud service deployed and managed by us.
  • We support major players like AWS, Google, Linode etc.